It looks like Priyanka Chopra is truly out for global domination in all sense. After her successful music video ‘Sucker’ with the Jonas brothers (including her husband Nick Jonas), the actress has been tagged among the 50 most powerful women by USA Today.

She featured alongside three-time Academy Award winner Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey, singer Beyoncé, one of the most popular personality on TV Ellen DeGeneres, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, and actors Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Tina Fey.

A source close to her told Hindustan Times, “Priyanka recently featured in husband and musician Nick Jonas’ video ‘Sucker’, which topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. After her marriage to Nick in December, Priyanka has been going through a great phase, personally as well as professionally.”

Talking about the recognition, Priyanka also mentions, “For me, power is simply an energy that empowers me to do what I love. It’s the ability to open doors, and turn my dreams into a reality of what I was destined to do. I feel privileged to share this platform with these amazing women who have each pushed through their own challenges and created their own realities and today stand shoulders above everyone in their chosen careers. It does give one a feeling of achievement.”

Co-incidentally Priyanka Chopra has appeared in such lists last year too. She appeared on the Forbes 100 most influential list that was announced in November 2018 and Variety’s 500 Most Influential list which was made public in December.


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