Global enterprise messaging platform enables faster staff communications


A new business continuity app that enables logistics companies to provide real-time communications during threats and monitors their safety has been added to Soprano Design’s cloud-based Mobile Enterprise Messaging Suite (MEMS) platform.

Soprano RapidAlert – a crisis management tool and one of nine business app plug-ins for its award-winning MEMS platform – allows organisations to manage business continuity by deploying SMS alerts within seconds to incident first responders and standby teams.

Soprano CEO Horden Wiltshire said the development of RapidAlert was in response to market demand at a time where there is an increased likelihood of extreme events relating to natural disasters, the environment, civil unrest and cyber security.

“The ubiquity of text messaging means that messages will reached all those that need to be informed immediately and accurately and can track whether they have responded to an alert on time,” Mr Wiltshire said.

“Our crisis management system increases organisation’s agility and responsiveness during and after an extreme event, quickly reaching employees to help reduce the severity impact on damage to reputation, revenue and customer relationships.”

“The inability of an organisation to quickly respond during incidents or disruptions directly correlates to increasing costs and damages,” he said.

The RapidAlert solution’s key features include:

· Quick access to Business Continuity Plan (BCP) templates & contact lists

· SMS delivery for rapid response

· Real-time acknowledgement and follow-up

· Real-time reporting to enable live monitoring of who has and has not responded

The solution has wide application in a range of sectors that require reliable business continuity planning or incident management and response solutions, including security and event staff, healthcare workers providing in-home care to patients, IT teams responsible for system availability & outages and remote workers such as mining technicians, repairmen, construction workers and laborers.

Other apps on the MEMS platform include Authenticator, StaffMatch, StaffSafe, GAMMA, Reminder, Reports, WebSMS and Campaign Manager. (See below for details).

CEO Horden Wiltshire said: “Corporate demands today for fast, direct and interactive communications with staff and stakeholders in multiple locations is escalating by the week.
“Soprano, based on the feedback from global clients including Fortune 500 companies, has developed a suite of apps to align with business expectations, corporate and, in many cases, legal requirements as management pressures for greater efficiencies increase.”
Background – Other Business Grade Applications on MEMS platform.

· Authenticator which provides two-factor user ID authentication to help reduce the risks and cost associated with identity theft. It includes enhanced non-repudiation, enhanced access control, information confidentiality, single sign-on and data integrity protection

· StaffMatch is an SMS based rostering solution which enables employers to rapidly contact staff to fill schedules and temporary shifts

· StaffSafe is an employee focused application, which uses an “Are you ok?” safety solution that auto-escalates if workers do not verify their safety/status or check in at regular intervals

· GAMMA is an encrypted P2P and A2P IP messaging solution for enterprises, and includes several capabilities including mobile forms and workflow automation. It’s available as a standalone product accessible via a mobile application.

· Reminder is an automated appointment confirmation and notification application that helps schedule and automate messages, appointments and reminders.

· Reports provide an online view of usage and messaging interactions, independent of whether the access method was via API or a web application. The two reports are:
o Message Report, which provides a summary report on the usage of the system
o Performance Report, which breaks down the report on a per second, per minute, per hour, per day, per month and per year basis

· WebSMS is an online tool for sending text messages of up to 1,450 characters and allows users to set the delivery frequency for recurring campaigns and replies to an inbox, email, URL, or mobile number.

· Campaign Manager provides the ability to run and monitor large broadcast campaigns for SMS, MMS and email.


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