xView by XTRMX Unveiled at NAB Show


April 2017 Las Vegas, NV Real-Time Platform Lets Multiple Users Review & Edit Remote Content Presenting xView by XTRMX, a disruptive new technology platform. With any device, users at different locations can now review and edit media together. Unique codec pipeline breakthroughs coordinate and organize multiple devices as if they were one powerful processing unit. A change made by any user is reflected in real time at all workstations with no need to upload or download.

This innovative engine allows multiple users to access and manipulate video tracks simultaneously, regardless of the resolution, bitrate, or location of the essence. xView by XTRMX integrates into Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer, allowing direct revision and review of complete editorial projects using familiar tools.

XTRMX technology leverages the full power of the editor’s local machine. All content review and manipulation remains fully optimized and accelerated, regardless of platform. The engine respects the native editing installations that accelerate today’s creative workflows. xView by XTRMX provides time-synchronized remote control of the supervising editor’s actual NLE console. This is not a simulation of the editing console—it IS the editing console. The proprietary codec technology supports complete and fully responsive, real-time remote access to all the professional editing performance that the industry expects from their dedicated hardware.

Uploading large media files takes time. XTRMX technology eliminates the prerequisite of transferring footage before editing and review. Media can reside everywhere. The engine enables direct access to local drives, cloud storage, web accounts or even live video cameras. Authorised access for any device ensures that every take becomes accessible to each user on all devices in real time. xView by XTRMX can work peer to peer or across large numbers of devices via an optional dedicated server application. It works either as SaaS on an XTRMX cloud instance or as a resource on premises, and fuels instantaneous collaboration without resorting to proxy files or other intermediate elements.


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