Brother launches Convenient Alternative to Traditional Monitors and Viewfinders at NAB


Las Vegas  (USA),NV, April 22, 2017 – Brother International Corporation is excited to announce the latest in its line of high-definition head-mounted displays, the AiRScouter WD-330C. This innovative viewfinder solution helps operators get the shots they want with comfort and ease and features an SDI input for seamless connections to a wide range of professional cameras, gimbals, and stabilizer systems. Brother will demonstrate the AiRScouter WD-330C at the upcoming 2017 NAB Show in late April and at Cine Gear Expo in early June.

A Head-Mounted Display at Home on the Film Set

The AiRScouter WD-330C is a uniquely adjustable head-mounted display that accepts an HD-SDI input and lets the wearer position a 720p HD display over their eye of choice. The virtual screen size is comparable to a 19” monitor, and the wearer can fine-tune the image with the display’s adjustable focus. This new model joins a line-up that includes the HDMI-compatible AiRScouter WD-200B, which was nominated for a Technical Innovation Award by the Society of Camera Operators and identified as the “easy way to see through the camera lens” by RotorDrone magazine.

“When we introduced the first AiRScouter to camera operators, they were very excited about a new way to see what they were filming. A popular request, though, was for an SDI input so they wouldn’t have to rely on SDI-to-HDMI converters,” explains Kevin Haughwout, Senior Manager, Product Development at Brother. “We realized that we were making camera operators adapt to our product, so we designed the next generation of AiRScouter to be a tool that adapts to them.”


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