Akyumen launching 4G smartphone with projector at NAB

Akyumen as per it’s  namesake trying to bring innovation and new technology to smartphones.  They are a digital products company committed to opening the door to innovation and advancing access to education through state of the art niche products that bring technology directly to people’s hands.
What began as a cutting-edge idea for a smartphone with advanced projection technology such that the world has never seen before, has evolved into a global conglomerate with multi continental business interests in communication technology devices and applications for them.
The company claims to embrace modification and exciting new ideas in the field of technology, couple them with our sound business understanding, and fearlessly accelerate toward development and release. Unlike many other computing and handheld device innovators, they take their global role seriously and believe in proceeding toward success with a commitment to sustainability, contributing to the world at large, and strengthening economies . The phone will have  a 64-bit Octa-core CPU.It may be small in size, but make no mistake; the 64-bit Octa-core processor packs a powerful punch.
5.5 inch screen size. Accelerated loading of images allows the Hawk to deliver the most outstanding, crystal clear display. Another new smartphone is entering inot the market but company claims it’s diffdrent.


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