Cerevo announces Wireless lamp system “FlexTally”


Cerevo Inc., an Internet connected consumer electronics manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, announces a tally system, “FlexTally” which supports both wireless and wired connections. FlexTally is scheduled to be available for purchase after Summer 2017 at the Official Cerevo Store as well as Amazon.com for approximately US$500.00 (the standard package contains one station unit and four lamp units).
FlexTally will be exhibited at NAB Show 2017 in Las Vegas, in the United States from 24th-27th April 2017.

The Tally Lamp System can be used for recording or live streaming with multiple cameras. Without a professional broadcasting studio camera setup, on camera performers or presenters have no way to know which of the multiple cameras is active. Using a tally lamp system, an indicator lamp called a “tally lamp” is set near the lens of each camera and the tally lamp with a pilot lamp to show which camera is active.

Currently, live video and recording using multiple cameras is often used in professional fields such as the broadcast industry, so standard tally lamp systems are expensive and in general are sold as peripheral equipment compatible with specific video switchers.

Due to the performance improvement and lower price of HD video cameras, as well as the spread of live distribution services, environments where professional quality video recording and live streaming using multiple cameras are being used is expanding. So by using FlexTally, not only professional users but also semi-professional and amatuer users have greater opportunities to develop high quality programs and broadcasts.

In 2009 Cerevo launched a device that enabled full-scale live streaming at an affordable price, CEREVO CAM supported the world’s first live streaming service Ustream and brought live streaming to a new generation of broadcasters. Since then Cerevo has been constantly developing new live streaming devices such as the LiveShell series, that can deliver HD broadcasting without using a PC and LiveWedge, a video switcher, mixer and recorder with live streaming functions.

FlexTally is a tally lamp system designed for easy operability and available at a price range that means even small studios or streaming sites can look to add it to their multi-camera setups. FlexTally can be used via either wired or wireless connections for added convenience and its built-in battery allows for portability and use in remote shooting locations.


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