Nokia is back with OZO Reality at NAB


Nokia is preparing to back with bang. Nokia is coming with new tool called OZO Reality. In an official statement company confirms It’s  commitment to delivering the highest quality virtual and mixed reality experiences possible. Ones that look, sound, and feel as real as life itself. They have announced a series of new enhancements, programs, and products that take a major step towards this vision. Their  full range is displayed at NAB 2017.

In a statement company says “We are driving OZO Reality by creating an ecosystem of products and partners focused on every step of the virtual reality workflow. We make powerfully simple hardware and software to enable and inspire the next generation of VR, AR, and mixed reality creatorsWe develop solutions, formats, and partnerships that enable the delivery of truly immersive experiences. We create technologies that let audiences experience the promise of presence”.

What is OZO+:

The leading professional VR camera receives its most significant update yet.

  • Through it purpose-built for VR design, advanced stereoscopy, and global shutter, OZO+ is the only VR camera that captures and exports depth for 3DVFX compositing and mixed reality experiences.
  • Along with OZO Creator, OZO+ delivers professional images with significantly improved dynamic range and colors for professional images that are sharper, cleaner and more natural than ever before.

OZO CREATOR: The next evolution of the premiere VR creation tool includes:The completely new ISP (image signal processing pipeline) delivers next-gen visual quality for content shot with the OZO+ camera. Stereoscopic stitching, Depth Map export and MP4VR output to support depth content, giving the cleanest possible result at the highest quality.

OZO LIVE: world-class solution to professional broadcasting of live 3D 360 experiences now includes:  Spatial audio mixing for customized audio experiences, with 3D capture and playback capabilities.

  • New advanced psychoacoustic technology allows sound to be captured and played back just like it would in real life, transporting viewers and amplifying their experiences in every direction,

ozo storytellers:

The OZO Storytellers Program is part of their commitment to supporting the next generation of content creators and the VR ecosystem.


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