Sharad Kelkar: Gave a voice test for Bahubali only to meet SS Rajamouli once



Actor Sharad Kelkar is garnering praise for the dubbing for actor Prabhas’s character in director  SS Rajamouli’s film Bahubali 2: The Conclusion. However, he is amused by the fact that noone knew about his dubbing in the first film and reveals why he decided to try dubbing in the first place.

“It’s a matter of happiness and sadness that after the first part no one knew that I had dubbed it. After the second part everyone knew I dubbed it,” says Sharad.

Talking about how he got the in the chance to dub for a SS Rajamouli film, Sharad recalls, “I was doing a movie where there were some people from the production who knew the Bahubali producers and at that time Rajamouli sir was looking for someone to dub for Prabhas’s character in Hindi. They suggested my name and I was called for voice test. I told everyone that if I gave a voice test, I get to meet Rajamouli sir and then I finally met him.”

Sharad, who is a well known actor in Bollywood films and television shows, is a self-confessed fan of the director.

“ Professionally I was not very keen on dubbing films and I did not have much time. I am a big fan of Rajamouli sir and I have watched all his films. Specially a big fan of his film Makkhi (2012). He is a very polite man and doesn’t meet much. Normally you don’t expect that a Telugu film director will not come for Hindi dubbing but he came every day and directed us on dubbing also. So, my wish was fulfilled that he would direct me as well, if not as an actor but at least as a dubbing artist,” says Sharad.

After the success of Bahubali: The Beginning, the pressure to dub better in the second part did get to Sharad.

“There was a lot of pressure on me because the first time you do it, you give your best and you are not aware about the results. However, when the competition and focus is on a multilingual film’s Hindi dub’s success, then you get more stressed. People liked the first part and I kept thinking how I could improve so that people start loving the character’s voice even more,” he says.



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