Don’t think this is the era of superstars anymore: Ayushmann


Actors today seem a lot more open to talk about their camaraderie with fellow actors. Also, there are fewer reports of them not getting along with each other on the sets of a film as compared to a few years ago.

Ask Ayushmann Khurrana if contemporaries can become close friends, “Of course, contemporaries can be close friends. I guess these days they are closer friends than in the past. It is just that everybody is so busy with their lives that we hardly get time to spend with each other, unless you’re doing an ensemble film or working together.

Otherwise, you hardly get quality time to spend with each other. You’re only interacting in awards ceremonies or some events. However, a heart to heart is really difficult. But actors can become good friends, for sure. There are so many industry kids who know each other since childhood, and are good friends. ”However, contemporaries are also seeking the same parts in movies. So, is there a sense of stiff competition? “There is space and opportunity for every director, every actor and every film-maker. There used to be nepotism in acting (field), especially earlier, but now there is no nepotism in direction or production. It is open to all. Every year, there will be new directors, producers as well as actors coming up. If you are thinking about being insecure, then it is just a waste of time.”


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