PIKO TARO to Serve as Ambassador of WAKUWAKU JAPAN!


WAKUWAKU JAPAN CORPORATION (headquartered in Minato Ward, Tokyo, Masafumi Kawanishi, President and CEO) has named PIKO TARO, the Japanese singing sensation who skyrocketed to global fame with his single, PPAP, to serve as an ambassador of WAKUWAKU JAPAN. In the year ahead, PIKO TARO, together with WAKUWAKU JAPAN, will share the wonders of Japan worldwide, throughout various countries and regions.
Startling advances have continued for PIKO TARO, with the video for his PPAP hit song exceeding 110 million views. PPAP has become exceedingly popular for use in television programs, commercials, and events not only in Japan but throughout the world. With successful live performances in March of this year at both the famed Budokan concert hall in Tokyo as well as solo shows in Taiwan, PIKO TARO seems to be on an unstoppable trajectory. His immense popularity among young and old, men and women alike, has garnered him invitations to the US, France, Belgium, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand. Fans go crazy wherever he performs.
With content currently being broadcast in eight different countries and regions, WAKUWAKU JAPAN asked PIKO TARO to serve as an ambassador, to help share the wonders of Japan. He responded that he was not only interested in doing that but that he would be honored to serve as ambassador of WAKUWAKU JAPAN. His first destination in that role was a visit to Indonesia with WAKUWAKU JAPAN in May of 2017.
This joint collaboration between WAKUWAKU JAPAN and PIKO TARO will bring new excitement to the world and its citizens, and will create even more fans of Japan.


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