New Delhi, Jan 19: There are several reports which state that there could be good news regarding the 7th Pay Commission on January 26.
Similar reports had emerged ahead of August 15 as well, but Central Government employees were left disappointed. A top official told OneIndia that there is no such announcement on the anvil. Sops will be doled out for sure, but it would come in different ways. Hence in this regard, the CG employees must keen a close watch on the Cabinet meetings that will take place. All announcements would be made during the Cabinet meetings and not on Republic Day, the official also confirmed. The other question is whether there would be any announcement in the budget scheduled for February 1. It would be a vote on account or an interim budget and hence CG employees cannot expect much in that as well. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has indicated that the budget would focus on larger aspects. This would mean that it would be more than what an interim budget can offer. This brings us to the question whether there would be any announcement for the CG employees. Looking at the reports emerging, it could be said that there would not be anything much for the CG employees in the interim budget. The budget’s big focus would be on the farmer community, which has been largely disappointed with the government. Going by the big farmer push that the government is planning, it could be said that an announcement on the 7th Pay Commission is unlikely.


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