Maharashtra: Now, 5 extra marks in SSC and HSC for district sports winners


MUMBAI: SSC and HSC students who win medals at district and and divisional sports events will get five extra marks in their board’s exams, said the state education department.
Earlier, the government had declared extra sports marks only for state, national and international tournament winners. “A notification was issued on December 20, 2018, about state, national and international level marks. After that, we received several applications from across the state to award marks for district competitions as well,” joint secretary of state education department Suvarna Kharat said. A government notification was issued regarding the revision of rules for sports marks on Friday.

The state government has defined the district tournaments that would be considered while awarding extra marks, which include tournaments by directorate of sports and youth affairs, Nehru hockey cup, Subroto Mukherjee football tournament and competitions organised by the Paralympics Committee of India for physically challenged children. The notification stated that students presenting certificates of their wins in any of these tournaments should be events organized by the district association and not invitational competitions.

Sports coach Anand Gandhi said the move was a boost for students. “Going to district competitions and winning a medal is not easy.”


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