Only a few days after the cruel attack on CRPF convoy in the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir which killed 40 jawans, thousands of Kashmiri youths participated in the Army recruitment rally against 111 vacancies.

The recruitment rally was held at Baramulla in the northern state of India.

The enthusiasm with which these youngsters turned up for the recruitment shows how upbeat they are about joining the army even after the dastardly attack.

While speaking to ANI, one of the Army aspirants said, “By joining Army, we can serve the nation and also protect our families and take care of them as we hardly have any employment opportunities in the Valley.”

Yet another aspirant, on the other hand, said that this is a good opportunity for them as they cannot go outside of Kashmir and said that if more Kashmiri personnel were deployed in sensitive areas then they can talk with people to help deal with the ongoing crisis.

While Kashmiri youth are showing eagerness in joining the Army, the rest of the country saw people of Kashmiri origin and Kashmiri students being harassed after the attack.

Meanwhile, the Army, on its Twitter handle wrote, “Youth of Kashmir turned in large numbers to join the Armed Forces. The recruitment drive is being conducted at Gantamulla, Baramulla. Immense patriotic fervour, an idea of better life and career in Army are great cause for Kashmiri Youth.”

In the video posted on Twitter, the youngsters can be seen standing in a long queue.

Reportedly, more recruitment rallies are scheduled in Srinagar later this week.

The problem of unemployment has been plaguing the Kashmir valley since quite sometime now.

In 2016, some the unemployment rate in Jammu and Kashmir was higher than the national average where over 24% of the population between the ages of 18 to 29 years was unemployed.


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