Actress Sangeetha Krish to her mother: ‘Thank you for exploiting me for comfort of your alcoholic and drug addict sons’


Malayalam actress Sangeetha Krish is back in news after a long time. The actress, married to renowned playback singer Krish, was recently involved in a controversy. The controversy was quite shocking created after her own mother pointed fingers at the actress.

Sangeetha Krish’s mother had accused that she was thrown out of the house at an old age. The old lady also claimed that her daughter wanted to snatch her property. Sangeetha now has a clarification on all the allegations. She thanked her mother and also lashed out at all the wrongdoings done by the old soul.

Taking to Twitter, Sangeetha wrote how she was exploited from the age of 13 so that her brothers got all the comfort. The actress revealed that she was made to sign blank cheques, was cornered inside her house and not supporting her will to get married to the man she loved.

The statement read, “Dearest Mom, Thank u for bringing me to this world. Thank you for pulling me out of school & making me work from the age of 13 .Thank u for making me sign in all blank cheques.Thank u for exploiting me for the comfort of ur Alcoholic & drug addict sons who never went to work their entire life.Thank u for cornering me inside our own house for not budging to ur decisions. Thank u for not getting me married until I fought my way out.Thank u for constantly disturbing my husband & thereby spoiling my family Peace .Thank you for teaching me how a mother should not to be. And finally Thank u for all the false allegations & these latest accusations ,because knowingly or unknowingly u ve only made me evolve from a dumb kid to a fighter & now to a very mature , strong & a bold woman.. will always LOVE U FOR THIS )6 ei One day u will step out of ur EGO & definitely FEEL PROUD OF ME”

Sangeetha, despite all odds, got married to Krish in 2009 and the couple was blessed with a baby girl in 2012. She however is not the first actress to have a clash with her parents. Back in Bollywood, ‘Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai’ actress Ameesha Patel too had a bitter clash with her parents for mishandling her money.


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