Akshay Kumar-Narendra Modi meet: Twinkle Khanna reacts on mention of her name


Akshay Kumar and Narendra Modi had quite an interesting chat a while back. They discussed various subjects – ranging from ways of living life to discussing family life (Akshay asked Narendra Modi how does he take time out for his family aka mother).

Akshay Kumar was eager to know whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi is aware about what happens around him, especially on social media. To that Narendra Modi gave a witty response, which made both the men burst out into laughter. For the uninitiated, Narendra Modi has also experienced marital bliss.

When the question was asked, Modi was quick to quip, “I follow you (Akshay Kumar) and Twinkle Khanna ji on Twitter. From the way she targets me, I understand there must be peace in your family life,” adding, “All her anger must have been spent on me, and so you must be feeling at peace.”

Twinkle Khanna, not usually known as the peace-loving person in the Kumar house, would have in usual cases blasted the PM for his comment. She however chose to reply to the mention of her name in the interview, in quite a different manner.
Quote tweeting a post from BJP (Narendra Modi’s ruling party), Mrs. FunnyBones (a name which she became more renowned by after the publishing of her first book) went on to tweet, “I have a rather positive way of looking at this – Not only is the Prime Minister aware that I exist but he actually reads my work.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi went on to inform Akshay Kumar about the kind of hobbies he tries to practice despite his busy schedule. Making time for social media was just one of the lesser hobbies the Prime Minister wishes to pursue.


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