After dating for a year, Shruti Haasan and her Italian boyfriend Michael Corsale have broken up. Michael took to his Instagram page and confirmed their breakup.

From the past one year, Shruti Haasan has been sharing photos with a handsome hunk, who later was revealed to be her boyfriend named Michael Corsale. Though she hardly spoke about him on the public domain, the couple showered love on each other by sharing adorable photos with cute captions. Since the time, they started dating, the couple has been juggling between the US and India to spend quality time with each other.

But it looks like Shruti and Michael have broken up after dating for about a couple of years. It was observed that Shruti even deleted a few photos with Michael from her Instagram page and on April 10, 2019, she wrote a note, “Begin again… a new phase, thankful and blessed, for all the love lessons and light. The brightest light shines deep inside the darkest of places. More music more movies and more me – can’t wait. Being with myself has and always will be my greatest love story.”

Moreover, Michael took to his Instagram page and confirmed the breakup!

Here are all the details below:

1. Michael Corsale confirms breakup with Shruti Haasan

Michael Corsale took to his Instagram page and revealed that he and Shruti Haasan have broken up. The actor-writer shared a cute selfie with Shruti and wrote, “Life has just kept us on opposite sides of the globe unfortunately and so we have to walk solo paths it seems. But this young lady will always be my best mate. So grateful to always have her as a friend. Luv ya gal”

2. They broke up a month back

Talking about Shruti and Michael’s breakup, a source revealed to Mumbai Mirror, “The decision was taken by mutual consent and there is no bad blood between the two. They continue to remain the best of friends and will always have each other’s back.”

The source added, “They really respect and care for each other.”

3. How they met?
As per reports, Shruti met Michael via a common friend in London back in 2016. They started spending quality time with each other and made sure to juggle between LA, Mumbai and Chennai to do the same.

4. Meet the parents
Michael even met Shruti’s parents and actors Kamal Haasan and Sarika during their relationship. Moreover, he even acted beside Kamal in Vishwaroopam 2, where he played the role of a Russian soldier.

Sadly, all good things come to an end!


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