Let’s have a look at 10 times when Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex broke royal rules.

Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, welcomed their first child together on May 6, named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. While the British Royal Family, with Queen Elizabeth II as their head, has royal rules and traditions for every and anything, Meghan and Prince Harry are known for breaking royal protocols. 

Recently, the new parents declined to release details about the birth of Archie, Baby Sussex, breaking another royal rule of inviting government ministers and courtiers into the birthing suite. Not just this, unlike other royals, the Duchess of Sussex took her own time before coming out in public with the baby. 

However, this is not the first time that and the former Suits actress has broken a royal protocol. Let’s have a look at 10 times when Prince Harry and Meghan made it different for them.

1. When Meghan, Duchess of Sussex became the first American, divorced and biracial woman to marry into The Royal family.

Not only is Meghan an American woman, but she’s also a divorcée. Born to a white father and African-American mother, the Duchess of Sussex was the first biracial marrying into Britain’s Royal Family. 

2. When Meghan didn’t wear nude stockings at her engagement photocall

In her first official photocall with Prince Harry announcing their engagement, Duchess of Sussex Meghan opted to go out without stockings, breaking a royal protocol. 

3. When she celebrated Christmas with the Royal family before her marriage

A royal rule dictates that only spouses of royals can attend the Queen’s festivities at her private estate in Norfolk on Christmas. However, Prince Harry and Meghan broke this rule, with the former’s then-fiancée Meghan becoming the first one to do so. 

4. When Meghan did not shy away from PDA at official engagements

While there’s no official rule restricting PDA, royals usually refrain from holding hands or wrapping their arms around each other on engagements. However, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, publicly held hands with Prince Harry on almost all royal engagements. 

5. When Meghan preferred a messy bun

Royals do not let their hair loose in public, but Meghan went for a more casual look when the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry visited a radio station and Northern Ireland. 

6. When Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, signed a 10-year-old girl’s autograph book

Royals aren’t allowed to sign autographs for security reasons, making their signatures safe from being forged. However, Duchess Meghan not only signed a 10-year-old’s autograph book, but she has also clicked pictures with girls and hugged them at public meetings. 

7. When Meghan decided to walk down the aisle all by herself

Meghan escorted herself down the first half of the aisle before the Quire. Meghan was later joined by Prince Charles. Traditionally, the bride’s father gives his daughter away to his new son-in-law. 

8. When Prince Harry and Meghan had a lemon cake at their wedding

Traditionally at royal weddings, guests are served fruitcake. However, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry decided to go for a lemon and elderflower cake, breaking the royal tradition. 

9. When Meghan and Prince Harry opted for a weekend wedding

The last few royal weddings took place during working days as it is a national holiday in the United Kingdom. Breaking that tradition, Meghan and Harry held their special day on a Saturday. 

10. When Meghan wore all back

The colour black is a no-no among royals. The Duchess of Sussex, however, wears black most of the time. 


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