#ModionZEE: Feel deeply hurt when abuses hurled at me, says PM


    On Thursday, PM Modi in a freewheeling ‘purely political’ interview with Zee News and WION editor-in-chief Sudhir Choudhary, spoke about a host of issues in connection with the ongoing Lok Sabha election.

    Regarding all the names he has been called and abuses hurled towards him, PM Modi said that he is also a human and also gets affected and feel pained but has learnt to live with it for the last 20 years. PM Modi said that after being repeatedly abused, he has listed out all the abuses hurled at him during public meeting at Kurukshetra.

    PM Modi said that as someone who has come out of abject poverty and backwardness, he has been severely abused by rich people, ‘naamdars’ repeatedly. PM said that as someone who used to sell tea at railway coaches, he is used to getting scolded. PM said that the main reason behind naamdars abusing him is their mindset. PM Modi said that he works for the country because he is a sensitive person. Hence, he gets hurt due to name calling but doesn’t let it affect his work.

    PM Modi said that people of India are well aware of his work and character and hence he is not bothered about the image projected by those belonging to the Lutyens cabal.

    When asked if he has started packing, PM Modi said that the feedback he’d received from across the country suggested that BJP and NDA’s tally would increase after the result. Regarding the act of physically packing his belongings, PM said that even though he was prepared for all eventualities, his opponents’ dreams would be shattered on May 23.PM Modi said that BJP’s slogan ‘Aayega to Modi Hi’ wasn’t just a catchphrase but the reality. When asked if he’d want to be a one-time hit like Sholay or a multiple-sequel hit like Avengers, pointed out there was a difference between reel and real life. He added that politics should always be done on the basis of a strong foundation.

    When asked if there was wave in 2019, PM Modi pointed out that many experts believed that it didn’t exist in 2014 as well. When asked about the Opposition’s EVM allegations, PM said that the ground was being laid before the impending defeat and compared their complaints to those of players who protest in front of the umpire after getting out.


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