Dear Salman Khan, Please Let Priyanka Chopra be for Leaving That ‘Meaty’ Role in Bharat


Going by his recent interview to a daily, Salman Khan has clearly not been able to overcome Priyanka Chopra’s departure from the movie.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar has maintained that Priyanka Chopra was the first choice to play Salman Khan’s leading lady in Bharat. But her sudden exit from the film seemed to have ruffled the feathers of a few people associated with the movie. And, looks like Salman, too, is one of them. 

Going by his recent statement to Mumbai Mirror, Salman has clearly not been able to overcome Priyanka’s departure from the movie. Though Priyanka never really addressed the reason of her exit in media, herself, Bharat director Ali and Salman, on multiple occasions, have spoken out about it. 

In his first official statement, via tweet, Ali confirmed that Priyanka had opted out of Bharat in the “Nick of time”, hinting at her engagement with American singer Nick Jonas, at the time.

Ali went on to talk about it several times since Priyanka decided to step away from the film. And, while he chose to be courteous in his words, Salman didn’t leave a single opportunity to pass sly comments at the actress, which was later replaced by Katrina Kaif in the movie.

In his latest interview, the Dabangg actor has once again seemingly taken a jibe at Priyanka, saying, if she hadn’t left Bharat“how could we have brought Katrina on board?”

After relentlessly repeating that Priyanka left the project at the last minute, Salman once again said, “Thank you, Priyanka! I will always be thankful to her. Bharat was about to go on the floors and just five days before the shooting, Priyanka meets me and says that she wouldn’t be able to work in the film.”

The 53-year-old actor further said that Priyanka was offered a meaty role in Bharat, instead “she chose to play the role of a wife, which is even beautiful, but Katrina is not playing the role of a wife and hence she is playing the character in Bharat.”

Now what does that even mean? Is he trying to compliment Priyanka for passing up a “meaty” opportunity and choosing what she believed was more important for her instead, or is he trying to convey that how lucky Katrina is to have Bharat in her life because she is not getting married? Whatever it is, but I’m pretty sure he could have put it in another way.

As if this wasn’t enough, he continued, “even after the release of the trailer, Priyanka didn’t call me. Now, if she had some genuine problem then it’s alright. I believe, whatever happens, happens for the good.”

If a person has decided to leave a project for whatsoever reason, as in this case marriage, what is it to fuss about so much? Since how many times did we actually debate about Salman turning down Chak De!, or for that matter Baazigar

It’s time he should let Priyanka be for leaving Bharat and come to terms with it. Because Priyanka would never say to Katrina– “If I had done Baazigar then there would be no Mannat standing in Bandstand today,” just like Salman told Shah Rukh Khan; not even in fun.


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