Priyanka Chopra’s post showing effects of malnutrition in Ethiopia is sure to make your heart ache


Priyanka Chopra, an active member of UNICEF, went to a field visit and came across malnourished children

Priyanka Chopra, who often visits the underpriveledged thanks to her association with UNICEF, is currently in Ethiopia. The actress has been meeting the Prime Minister and children who are affected by malnutrition. She recently visited a stabilization centre where the actress had a heart-wrenching experience.

Priyanka Chopra shared a photo of some of the children (even months old) who have been a target of malnutrition. She shared a photo where one of the kids’ leg fit into her arms easily. The kid was born that way since her mother suffered from malnutrition too. Priyanka shared many stories from her visit.

Here’s what she wrote, and her post:

“Awetash, 6 months, has been in the Stabilization Center since she was 2 months old – she weighed 2.2KG (4.4 Lbs.) Her mother, Alamauou, 28, delivered the baby prematurely due to her own malnutrition, and as a result, was unable to produce breast milk. Awetash’s eyes looking at me bore a hole in my mind. (Her leg, at 6 months old fits into my hand)The thought of any child in the world starving is truly against nature. But since she’s consistently being monitored and fed at the health center, she’s been making great progress and she’s eating highly nutritious therapeutic food to gain weight and energy.

Selam Haile, 30, visits the Nutrition Screening Center at the Tselemti woreda refugee camp every week with her daughter Rahwat Afewerki, 10 months. When she started visiting the Center, Rahwat was 6 months and malnourished, but in the past 4 month her health and weight has improved significantly. These are just a few success stories of how these health and nutrition centers help children get the nourishment they need, so that they have the energy to learn, grow, and develop like other children their age.

There is inadequate awareness within the community around nutrition, but @unicef and Community Health Workers like Senait Woldegebreil, a refugee who volunteers and goes door to door, are educating new mothers on the importance of nutrition, the signs of malnourishment and proper feeding practices.”

Priyanka Chopra recently got married to American pop singer-actor Nick Jonas. On the work front, the actress is finally making her comeback in Bollywood with Shonali Bose’s The Sky Is Pink. The movie also stars Farhan Akhtar and Zaira Wasim in lead roles and is slated to release in October.


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