Game of Thrones Inspired Dinner Brings Back Nostalgic Memories, See Pics


A Game of Thrones inspired dinner in the National Capital evoked memories of all the seasons.

In a Game of Thrones inspired dinner hosted by the promoters of the show, the guests tasted some fingerlicious food items. Named A Feast for the Throne, the feast was held in a posh restaurant in Delhi.

Apart from the ambience that looked like the banquet hall at Kings Landing, the guests were treated with the five most iconic scenes from the show. As the room was filled with utmost nostalgia, the guests were then served with the essence of the scenes – a dish symbolising each scene. 

From depicting the iconic skull-crushing Mountain versus Oberyn scene to the purple wedding, unleashing of Cersei’s evil when she blows up the sept baelor with liquid wildfire to the moment when Khaleesi’s dragons were born, each dish left guests spellbound, just like the iconic scenes from the series did. 

Even the cocktails — You Know Nothing Old Fashioned, Red Wedding Rob Roy, The Knight King’s Sour White Walker Cocktail — stirred reminiscence among the guests.

The event, backed by Star World, also saw thematic properties like the Iron Throne and quiz related to the show.


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