‘How Are You, Tim Apple?’ Indian Teen Reminds Apple CEO of Trump’s Gaffe, Gets Laughs


US President Donald Trump accidentally referred to Cook as Tim Apple during a conference in March this year and the joke is still on him.

Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook was in for a pleasant surprise recently when he met young and aspiring coders from across the world in San Hose. Among the 14 students who had been chosen for the special interaction, 18-year-old Palash Taneja managed to stand out,not because of his impressive coding skills but for his surprising wit. 

While addressing Cook, Taneja chirpily quipped, “How are you, Tim Apple?” 

The question took Cook by surprise, even as the rest of the floor burst into laughter. 

If you are confused, let us remind you of the recent gaffe committed by US President Donald Trump who accidentally referred to Cook as “Tim Apple” during a conference in March this year. The faux-pas was widely shared on news and social media, much like most of Trump’s embarrassing slip-ups. Cook himself had responded to the gaffe in good humour by changing his name on his Twitter bio to “Tim Apple”. 

Now, after months, the joke was revisited by the 18-year-old tech genius from India. Responding to Palash’s question, an initially bemused Cook soon regained his composure and said, “Yes, I am good and aware of what you mean to convey,” IANS reported. 

While in San Jose, Palash, who is currently waiting to start his course at University of Texas, Austin, presented a new AI and machine learning based project to Cook. According to the IANS report, the project is based on language. 

“I showed him my project where the neural language processing (NLP) based algorithms can change the language of a YouTube video as you watch it, say from English to Hindi,” IANS reported Palash as saying. 

even though a teenager, Palash already has several tech innovations to his credit. One of his first innovations was an app that predicted dengue fever outbreaks based on machine learning. Later, he also created the “Scholarship” app that allows users to create music out of dance moves.


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