Rihanna is Now World’s Richest Female Musician, Rents an Entire Island to Record New Album


Rihanna has been named the world’s richest female musician by Forbes magazine.

Pop sensation Rihanna has reportedly rented an island in Essex to record her new album.
According to a source to The Mirror, the 31-year-old has been renting a state-of-the-art studio on Osea Island replete with its own gym, cinema and pool as well as cottages for her entourage.

The source further told The Mirror that Rihanna invited family to spend time with her while she works and that she had few stints in the studio since her last album. 

The source added, “She’s been really focused on her makeup, clothing and lingerie lines.”

The news comes fresh after Rihanna stunned fans by revealing that she had secretly been living in London for a year and was enjoying the anonymity that came with it.

Notably, Osea Island houses the Miloco Studios, which has, over the years, been used as a private space for musicians to work and can only be reached twice a day for four hours at a time thanks to tidal waves.

According to The Mirror, Osea Island costs £20,000 to rent per day.

Notably, Rihanna topped Forbes’ annual list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women for 2019 as the highest paid woman in the music industry, estimating her worth to be USD 600 million. The Barbados native has amassed her wealth in large part from her Fenty Beauty line, which she launched in 2017. The icon is worth USD 600 million, Forbes reported on Tuesday, putting her ahead of Madonna (USD 570 million), Celine Dion (USD 450 million) and Beyonce (USD 400 million).


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