A monkey storms into Soundarya Sharma’s room, eats, sleeps and lives the ultimate thug life


A monkey made an unwelcomed entry into actress Soundarya Sharma’s room and took over like it was its own

In a hilarious incident which took place recently, actress Soundarya Sharma’s room was taken over by a monkey. The notorious beings are known for causing trouble but the monkey which Soundarya came face-to-face with, was living the ultimate thug life.

The monkey in Soundarya Sharma‘s room came over early in the morning without any welcome. It gorged on her food, making a mess all around, used Soundarya’s clothes and after eating, it slept on her bed. Soundarya shot the video of it eating all her food.

“Thug life… He entered my room early morning and refused to leave after his breakfast… Rested and slept on my bed after his breakfast while all I was doing is screaming and recording as I had no other way out,” she wrote alongside the video.

Soundarya Sharma made her Bollywood debut with Ranchi Diaries in 2017, which has been her only movie release yet. The film also starred veteran actor Anupam Kher along with Himansh Kohli, Jimmy Sheirgill and Satish Kaushik. She recently informed the media that he had auditioned for the role of ‘Wonder Woman’ in USA.


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