Cafeteria Sleepover to Camping Trips, Spider-Man Far From Home Cast Describe Their School Vacations


Spider-Man: Far From Home’ cast spilled the beans on their school vacations while appearing on an interactive segment for a foreign publication.

While most of the superheroes films produced by Marvel Studios and the likes tend to be largely make-believe, the upcoming outing, Spider-Man: Far From Home is no different. The film shows how Peter Parker, while he is on a school trip in Europe ends up saving the world. The film is shot throughout Europe, including the picturesque locations of Prague, London and Venice and the production value speaks volumes about the lavish universe the makers are trying to create.

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All things aside, the cast of the upcoming film, who are in their mid 20’s, except Samuel L Jackson, revealed that they have never been on a school trip like the one shown in the film. Appearing on PEOPLE Now segment, actors Tom Holland (Parker), Zendaya (Michelle Jones), Jacob Batalon (Ned) and Jackson (Nick Fury) claimed that they have never had the opportunity to go on an awesome trip like the one they jet off to in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Responding to the question if they have been on a cultural school trip to Europe, Zendeya said, “Not to this extent. A camping school trip, something like a small trip but this is like a big deal.” To Zendeya’s answer, Batalon adds, “We once had a sleepover in our middle school in a cafeteria and that was like a thing.”

Holland, while responding to Batalon’s cafeteraia sleepover remark says, “In England, that is not a thing. Sleeping at school would be like a mad no, no.” The most interesting reply comes from Jackson who says, “I grew up in the ’50s. We didn’t do stuff like that. I am old. Eveynow now and then we would go and watch a concert, but we didn’t leave town.”

Spider-Man: Far From Home, which releases on July 4 in India, is set minutes after Avengers: Endgame wraps up the Infinity Saga. A direct follow-up to the Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios joint production Spider-Man: HomecomingFar From Home sees Tom Holland return as Peter Parker, whose alter-ego Spider-Man is recruited for a special mission by Nick Fury. The film is directed by Jon Watts.


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