Anti-corruption drive will continue till all accused are brought to justice: Imran Khan


Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday due to graft and bad governance the country’s debt reached Rs 30,000 billion from Rs 6,000 billion and the anti-corruption drive will continue until all those involved in it are brought to justice.Addressing the ground-breaking ceremony of a hospital at Namal Institute in his native Mianwali area of Punjab, he said, “Every economic problem including inflation, devaluation of money and other problems have been caused by ‘plundering and looting’ of

national wealth during the last ten years.” Two former prime ministers, Nawaz Sharif and Shahid Kahqan Abbasi, and former president, Asif Ali Zardari, are facing corruption charges. While Sharif is serving a seven year jail term, Abbasi and Zardari are in the

custody of the country’s anti-graft body, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).”The process of accountability will continue without any discrimination because corruption is the biggest hurdle in development and the country will not progress until the thieves are caught,” Khan said.

He also said that no influence or pressure will be tolerated from any side as far as the effort to eliminate corruption was concerned.

Without naming Sharif, he said that some people who are in jail on corruption charges tried to influence him through a third country.Though he did not revealed the name of the third country, but it is believed that the Emir of Qatar, during his visit to Pakistan in June, talked on the issue with Khan.

The Prime Minister said the debt reached to Rs 30,000 billion from Rs 6,000 billion in a decade due to corruption and bad governance.”Every economic problem including inflation, devaluation and other problems have been caused by the plundering and looting of national wealth during the last ten years, he said.The difficult economic period will be over and the country will become prosperous in future, the Prime Minister said.

Highlighting the need for building a hospital, he said the construction of a state-of-the-art hospital in a backward area will help the local population receive medical care.

Khan’s government is being criticized by opposition for targeting his opponents in the name accountability.

He also rejected the charges by the leaders of political parties of being victimised, saying that the cases on various political leaders were initiated before his government came to power.He said that even he faced the courts and got his name cleared. 


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