Sonakshi Sinha issues apology after receiving flak from Valmiki community for ‘bhangi’ comment


Actor Sonakshi Sinha issued an apology to the Valmiki community after her remark against the group was flagged following a recent interview.

While posting her apology on Twitter, the actor stated that if she has hurt anyone, it was totally “unintentional” and “underogatory”.

“With reference to an interview I did with Siddharth Kanan on July 23, 2019, I place on record that I have tremendous regard and respect for the Valmiki Samaj and all their valuable contributions to our society and country,” the ‘Dabangg‘ actor tweeted.

In continuation, she added, “If any person or community has been hurt by the usage of any word by me, despite it being unintentional and un-derogatory to anyone, I humbly apologise for the same.”

The 32-year old fell prey to the flak from the Valmiki community after she uttered the word ‘bhangi’ on being asked about her airport looks, in the interview, reportedly.

The riled members of the community even burned an effigy of the actor in Moradabad, expressing their anger on her.

While she is receiving criticism from one community, Sonakshi is aiming to break sex-related taboos in her recently released film ‘Khandaani Shafakhana‘. 


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