Rahul Gandhi writes to PM Modi over Kerala floods, seeks early warning systems


In the wake of Kerala floods, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggesting special measures that can be taken to save lives and livelihood in cases of natural calamities.

In the letter, the Congress leader suggested the Prime Minister install early warning systems in vulnerable areas and develop a long term strategy and an action plan to “protect the life and livelihood of people and the environment”.

“Many lives can be saved if early warning systems are installed to alert the population in vulnerable areas and specially designed landslide/flood shelters with communication facilities are provided in such places,” the letter read.

Rahul Gandhi was on a two-day visit to his constituency Wayanad in the flood-hit state of Kerala.

“I visited two of the major landslide sites, Kavalapara in Malappuram and Puthumala in Wayanad districts where many people have lost lives, livelihood, and property,” the letter read.

“I would like to highlight the twin crises – one that affects the life and livelihood of people in Wayanad and the second, the critical status of the ecology in an area that is known as a global hotspot for biodiversity with the potential to contribute to carbon sequestration benefitting the country as a whole,” it said.

The Congress leader had also said that he had apprised the Prime Minister about the flood in the state and sought the Centre’s support to deal with the situations.

Torrential rains over the last few days in the state have led to many deaths and caused landslides in some districts. So far, at least 91 people have lost their lives while 56 others are still missing in the flood-hit state.


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